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Monday, 2 April 2012

Location! Location! Location Scouting

Everywhere you look there's another great location

I can't speak for other filmmakers but for me I find that I'm almost always location scouting.  Sometimes it's unconcious but often it's a very concious thing.

This month I've actually been doing it 'officially'.   My good friend Emily came back from four months in USA, NZ and OZ and went straight up to the Peak District to be the Location Manager on a low budget feature film called The List.   Well this film has a lot of locations and Emily was basically on her own and in need of help.   So of course she gave me a call and suddenly I found myself up in Whaley Bridge near Manchester as her Location Assistant.  I was only meant to be there for 2 days to help with the recce but ended up staying a week, plus I'm still helping by doing the daily movement orders.  Anyway it's quite a story so maybe I should put it all in another post.

Emily Blickem, Locations