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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wasting my day on Youtube

So I feel like I just spent most of my day watching Youtube.  The sad thing is that this is very easily done.  I'm easily distracted...oooh puppies...

I spent a lot of time trying to get my two main channels both linked to my Adsense.  I finally managed after many hours reading help forums and watching tutorial videos.  Eventially I managed to unlink my channel that was linked to a blocked adsense and relink it to the proper one.  Sounds easy I know but believe me, it wasn't.  I do find it odd that you need a seperate google account for each of your Youtube channels but you can only have one Adsense.  

I even rediscovered a Youtube channel I set up back in March 2010 called KatemadisonTV which I'd totally forgotten about.  It's badly in need of content.

So I decided to look into this as I am lucky enough to be a Youtube Partner and although I have some ads on some of my videos I have yet to see any, ££££ benefits :-)

So I started looking around at what people say about making money from Adsense and Youtube.  I been subscribing to various Youtubers for a while now and am always thinking how cool it would be to be able to make a living from Vlogging but have yet to try it out.

I mean you can see some attempts on my Actorsatwork Channel like my vlogs from Cannes last year etc but my problem has always been to get the videos editted and out promptly and keep them interesting.

So the conclusions of the day are that I need to blog and vlog more.  Oh and not get distracted and to get on with the rest of my stuff on my to do list. ;-)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Movie Budgets

I just watched Tristan & Isolde plus the making of. They kept talking about the very small budget and how it was so hard to do anything with such a tiny budget. However no one actually stated the budget. After much googling some sources say it was $31 million.

Now I'm watching The Last Legion which is said to have had $67 million though I don't think it looks as good personally.

Anyway for my next feature I planned to try to find a "small" budget. By that I meant between £1-5 million. I managed to do 'Born of Hope' for only £25,000 with a lot of beg, borrow and stealing, however if low budget for a historical fantasy is about $31 million or £19.3 million then expect I must be nuts thinking we can make The Last Beacon for so little.
Ah well, never stopped me before ;-)

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