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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cannes and other events

So, I failed. I've still not gotten used to blogging. Ah well. Maybe it's because I think I have to write something profound. Forget it, you'll find none of that here.

So as I mentioned last time I've just been to Cannes. Here's a little video of highlights. I will be editting together more of the footage shortly and will then blog more about what happened each day.

Here's also a video from the Living Spirit team's book launch for The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook. All a bit of fun and I learnt an interesting rumour that's apparently been going round the BBC. If only it were true!

I decided to go along to this event, which was just before I headed off the Cannes, to not only get a copy of the new book to add to the collection but also to start working out my networking muscles. If you know me I will tell you that I think I'm pretty useless at networking. However, I've finally, after years of denial, realised that in this business as in life, who you know is better than anything. Advice to everyone, don't deny it, embrace it. I'm trying but I need to work harder. One thing I still need to do is follow up with everyone I met in Cannes. Lots of business cards to go through and lovely people to say "hello, remember me?" to.

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