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Friday, 18 March 2011

Movie Budgets

I just watched Tristan & Isolde plus the making of. They kept talking about the very small budget and how it was so hard to do anything with such a tiny budget. However no one actually stated the budget. After much googling some sources say it was $31 million.

Now I'm watching The Last Legion which is said to have had $67 million though I don't think it looks as good personally.

Anyway for my next feature I planned to try to find a "small" budget. By that I meant between £1-5 million. I managed to do 'Born of Hope' for only £25,000 with a lot of beg, borrow and stealing, however if low budget for a historical fantasy is about $31 million or £19.3 million then expect I must be nuts thinking we can make The Last Beacon for so little.
Ah well, never stopped me before ;-)

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